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Serenity Garden Monochrome Canvas Print - Chinese Folk Art

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Serenity Garden Monochrome Canvas Print - Chinese Folk Art

Serenity Garden Monochrome Canvas Print - Chinese Folk Art


Discover the Serenity Garden Monochrome Canvas Print

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the "Serenity Garden Monochrome Canvas Print."

This exquisitely detailed artwork transports you to an Eastern-inspired garden, offering a moment of peaceful retreat within the comfort of your own home. At the heart of this serene scene, a graceful koi fish glides through calm waters, its delicate movements creating a harmonious dance with another koi in the background.

The water ripples around them, adding a vibrant layer to the tranquil setting. The scene is framed by nature's elegance on either side. To the left, a gnarled tree adorned with cherry blossoms stands majestically, its flowers and rounded stones at the base providing a touch of serene beauty. On the right, the resilience of bamboo reaches upwards, its leaves forming a striking contrast against the backdrop.

Every detail of this artwork has been meticulously rendered to capture the essence of peace and tranquility, making it a perfect addition to any space needing calm and inspiration.

Product Features:

- High-Quality Material: Printed on a natural white, matte, 100% cotton canvas that weighs 400gsm for vibrant and detailed visuals.

- Durable Construction: Each canvas features a 0.0135 inch (13.5 mil) thick fabric and a closed MDF backing for enhanced durability and protection.

- Exquisite Artistry: Our top-quality canvas gallery wraps boast finely textured, artist-grade cotton substrate to showcase the art with outstanding clarity and detail.

- Easy Installation: Equipped with hanging hardware for hassle-free setup, ensuring your artwork is displayed beautifully in no time.

- Beautiful Presentation: Crafted with taut corners and a patented solid support face for a clean, crisp look that draws the eye.

- Care Instructions: Maintain the canvas's allure by gently wiping away dust with a clean, damp cloth when necessary. Discover a haven of serenity and elegance with the "Serenity Garden Monochrome Canvas Print," a timeless piece that enhances any room's aesthetic.

Size Guide

  18″ x 12″ 24″ x 16″ 30" x 20" 36" x 24" 48″ x 32″
Width, in 18.00 24.00 30.00 36.00 48.00
Height, in 12.00 16.00 20.00 24.00 32.00
Depth, in 1.25 1.25 1.25 1.25 1.25

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Inside your package

100% cotton canvas wall art with hard-sealed backing and hanging hardware.

Care instructions

If the canvas does gather any dust, you may wipe it off gently with a clean, damp cloth.

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